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"Daniel Benayun’s work is extraordinary. His skill is multifaceted, his intuition daring, & his execution crisp. Benayun can create portraits muscular in color, and collages of such inspired textural sensibility it sends the viewer into reverie. Cheeky & elegant all at once, his work reflects a focused playfulness, whose wild & heartfelt pulse I admire. He swims boldly in the muse’s current, pulling up from the depths odd artifacts from another world: vibrant, shimmering, & truly his own.”




"You may have noticed that over long periods of time certain kinds of literary works attract certain kinds of artists who so fall in love with the narrative and the characters that they create, works of enduring art to illustrate them and that out of their passion they create images that become iconic in history. By iconic I mean that the literary text and the images become fused in such a way that is difficult, close to impossible to think of them as separate entities. Take Alice in Wonderland. The mind rebels at the thought that Alice could look different from the one created by Sir John Tenniel for Lewis Carrol's immortal character. Other associations are less strong. For example Dante's Inferno has famously been illustrated by both Gustav Dore and Salvador Dali, yet there was room for Michal Mazur, an important Boston artist to reinterpret the entire inferno from his own, different, American perspective.Daniel Benayun is a young Bostonian artist who has the courage and the talent to challenge even iconic images such as Dr. Heinrich Hoffman's Der Struwwelpeter,(1845) and to substitute for them his own willful portrayals. Some of these pictures for example a boy with his wooden horse are as compelling as our dreams of our childhood, arbitrary, bizarre, humorous, and far enough removed frm our expectations to be unique and memorable.Daniels work is creative and experimental but already recognizably his own. In writing an art review one sometimes addresses a specific audience, namely that of collectors, young artists such as Daniel Benayun offer an attractive opportunity for collectors, because as the artists mature and achieve fame, their early works gain value. I believe that this will be the case with Daniel's paintings and illustrations.


Introduction for Daniel Benayun By Artist & Professor Dr Hans Guggenheim


"Daniel Benayun's collages are like peculiar and whimsical, outsider-art, inside jokes. Layered atop obscure maps or vague and crinkled book pages, these postcards introduce a cast of mythical, and otherwise, characters along with an impressive postage stamp collection, through illustration and craft. The pieces are steeped with an endearing dose of what seems to be the recollection of a boyhood fascination with knights, sea life and European and early American history. Benayun's work is currently on view in the group show, Artageddon, at The Distillery Gallery in Boston. The exhibition consciously features the work of over twenty artists from Boston and elsewhere, all of whom are currently without gallery representation. Along with Benayun, the show will exhibit the work of Vanessa Irzyk, Kristen Mills, Josh Falk and Fish McGill, among many others. Daniel Benayun is currently a student at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. His work has been exhibited recently in a solo presentation at Sowa Gallery in Boston and at several other venues in Boston, MA and New Hampshire. As an illustrator, he has recently been commissioned by the New Hampshire Institute of Art and musician Shai Erlichman."


Allison Gibson, Writer for Daily Servings International Contemporary Art website


"Honestly, merely browsing around Harrison Ave, you and one other painter really stood out. You seem to be jamming out the work according to your site, and we are just really excited to have someone who maintains a vast level of enthusiasm through his work."


Robert daVies/ Scott Chasse, Curator and Directors of The Distillery Gallery in Boston


"For many 20-year-olds, letters and stamps are communication dinosaurs, but Daniel Benayun celebrates them in his solo exhibit, Postage. Through collages and paintings, the young artist hopes to restore an appreciation for letter writing and make folks aware of the historical importance of postage stamps. Benayuns collages incorporate old letters and ephemeral artifacts that serve as a map of social history. So, why not leave your hand-held communicator at home and step back in time." -


June Wulff, Writer for the Boston Globe Newspaper Arts, Entertainment section




Benayun was born in Jerusalem, Israel. He currently paints and teaches out of his studio in Jamaica Plain in Boston, Massachusetts. 


Through art I explore and reconstruct the magical idealism of mid-twentieth-century advertising, popularized by the likes of LIFE Magazine. I transfer these sentiments to a parallel universe of my own creation, constructed of text and figurative imagery, oftentimes containing metaphors and splashes of humor. Found ephemera, books and posters serve as points of inspiration which I then translate into advertisements for entirely imagined products, rendered in opaque, water-based paints to evoke the bold colors and sharp textures associated with mid-twentieth-century commercial design. With paint and brushes I visually attempt to reset the thread of time, installing myself as the creator of an anti-capitalistic zeitgeist that resurrects the wonder and intrigue of print advertising. 


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